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National Visas


National Visas

INFORMATION ON LONG-STAY VISAS visas (for stays over 90 days):

Visas of this category allow holders to stay in Italy up to 365 days only for purposes of study, work or permanent residency. Holders of Long-stay visas are permitted to circulate freely in Schengen countries other than the issuing one for a period of not more than 90 days per half-year and only if the visa is valid.

Italian Long-term visas are issued by the Italian Embassy in Wellington for all applicants currently residing in New Zealand, Tuvalu, Samoa, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Niue, Cook Islands, Occidental Samoa, Kiribati, Pitcairn.

Important things to know

  1. Applicants must submit their applications via post (Embassy of Italy, PO Box 463, Wellington 6040). Please make sure to sign your application in front of a Justice of Peace (J.P).
  2. Visas are issued at the discretion of the embassy. Presentation of the documentation requested does not necessarily ensure issuance of a visa. The Embassy’s visa office reserves the right to request further documentation/information and to request a further personal interview in Wellington with the applicant, if deemed necessary for the visa application processing.
  3. Visa processing time is up to 15 days from the day of receiving the complete Visa documentation.
  4. Within eight days of entry in Italy, the holder of a National Visa must request a “Permesso di soggiorno” (residence permit) from the “Questura” (police headquarters) of the Italian city in which he or she intends to reside.
  5. The border authorities may refuse entry to a foreign national (even if in possession of a valid Schengen Visa) who does not
    have adequate financial means or is unable to provide full details regarding the purpose of his/her stay in Italy, or for reasons of security or public order. Please be advised that you must take with you copies of the documentation that you initially submitted when applying for the Visa.
  6. The Embassy does not make photocopies or print the documentation on your behalf.
    Please make sure to bring at the appointment photocopies of all original documents that are to be presented as well as a copy of the main pages of your passport including the NZ visa. All supporting documents will be kept by the Embassy as part of your visa application with the exception of your passport.
  7. Supporting documents are accepted only in Italian or English language



  1. General Requirements for all long-stay visa applicants
  2. Additional requiremnts for specific types of visa (working holyday, work, study, etc.)


General Requirements for all applicants:

  1. Application for National Visa. Application must be signed in front of a Justice of the Peace (J.P).
  2. A passport size photograph;
  3. Bank cheque (not personal cheque) payable to the Italian Embassy to cover the visa consular fee; as this can change from quarter to quarter the applicant is advised to check the amount to be paid following this link.
  4. Passport valid at least 90 days after the final departure from Italy;
  5. Prepaid self-addressed courier envelope with attached “Courier with Signature” label (to be purchased separately). For Rural deliveries please include also a “Rural Delivery label” (also purchased separately).
  6. For applicants under the age of 18:  letter of consent signed by both parents in front of a Justice of the Peace (J.P). Both parents must attach copies of their ID’s/passports to the application.



Working Holiday Visa: Issued to New Zealand citizens residents in New Zealand aged between 18-30 inclusive.

The visa is issued for one year during which time the applicant may work for a total of six months but no more than three months with the same employer.

The applicant must:

  • Be a New Zealand citizen resident in New Zealand;
  • Satisfy the visa officer that his/her primary intention is to holiday in the Italian Republic, with employment being an incidental rather than a primary reason for the visit;
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 years inclusive at the time of application;
  • Not be accompanied by children;
  • The applicant must enter Italy within 3 months from the date of issue of the visa; if not, it will automatically expire and will no longer be able to be used.

Additional required documentation:

  1. Certificate of insurance with schedule of benefits policy confirming full unlimited medical and hospital cover for the entire validity of the visa (or up to Euro 30.000)
    The travel insurance must to be bought for 365 days (from when you arrive in Italy) regardless the length of staying in Italy as the W/H Visa will be granted exactly for 365 days and multiple entries (you can stay out of Italy for a maximum of 90 days during the W/H visa period).
  2. A credit card statement in the applicant’s name showing the amount of NZ$ 5,500.00 or an international bank draft made payable to the applicant in Euro for the equivalent of NZ$ 5,500.00. Please add an extra NZ$ 1000.00 if return ticket has not
    been purchased;
  3. Travel itinerary/copy of airline ticket showing the point of entry in Italy (When completing the visa application form to be sure to complete the section indicating the place of entry into Italy);
  4. Confirmation of hotel reservations or of alternative accomodation with addresses (eg: letter of Italian national attesting offer of accommodation and photocopy of his/her Italian passport data ICAO-page wih signature);
  5. The flight from NZ to Italy (we can only accept flights direct to Italy and not to other countries in the Schengen Area) needs to be booked (and so the same for the accommodation that needs to be booked for approximately at least the first 10 days starting from the entrance in Italy). A one way fly ticket can be bought, as long as the applicant have sufficient funds. In this case, a bank statement with at least 6,500.00 nzd must be presented to the Visa office.


Study Visa - Postgraduate studies, University enrolment, University single course, Vocational training (more than 90 days. For shorter periods please check "Schengen Visas")

Important: There are several kind of study visas. Please check to apply for the correct one.

  1. The Basic Requirements for all National Visas.
  2. Enrolment or pre-enrolment in the course to be followed in Italy: The relevant Institution in Italy would then forward the prospective student an acknowledgement of acceptance and enrolment, also indicating the course commencement and termination dates
  3. Proof of sufficient funds: For regular University enrolment courses or University exchange: Minimum 453.00 EUR per month, for all other courses (ex. Language courses, Vocational training): Minimum 864.59 EUR per month
  4. Certificate of insurance with schedule of benefits policy confirming full unlimited medical and hospital cover for the entire validity of the visa (or up to Euro 30.000);
  5. Students: must have an original letter from the New Zealand Educational institution and copy of student ID
  6. Non- students: Documentation of socio-professional standing and proof of the consistency of the studies with the previous training acquired in New Zealand
  7. Confirmation that student accommodation/accommodation has been arranged;
  8. For students who are under 18 years of age, a statement signed by the prospective student's parents in the presence of a  Justice of peace (J.P), or signed at any Consular Honorary Office from our Consular Network (Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin) that they would be prepared to support their son/daughter financially for the duration of his/her period of study in Italy


Study Visa - Exchange and Mobillity programme

Only for approved or authorised programmes of Exchange/partnership/mobility resulting from national or European programmes (including Erasmus Plus), and collaborations between academic, scientific and educational establishments, and within the framework of agreements, conventions and implementing protocols with foreign universities1.

  1. The Basic Requirements for all National Visas.
  2. Covering letter of the NZ/Australian student exchange organization accepting full responsibility for travel and study in Italy
  3. Covering letter from the Italian student exchange organization
  4. Medical/evacuation Insurance cover from the exchange organization
  5. Host School/University enrolment
  6. For minors:
    • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate
    • Consent letter (as statutory declaration) signed by both parents, giving consent and financially support their son/daughter. Must be signed by the prospective student's parents in the presence of a Justice of peace (J.P), a public notary, or signed in any Consular Honorary Office from our Consular Network (Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin)
    • Photocopy of both parents Passport authenticated from one of the authorities above mentioned.
    • Bank statement arranged by both parents
    • Host family confirmation letter in Italy and valid ID Italian document


Sporting Activities

This type of visa allows entry into Italy, for a fixed-term long visit up to a maximum of 365 days and for a trial period (not less then 90 days) for professional, sporting activities either on a self-employed or dependent basis under contracts with sporting organisations based in Italy.

Firstly it will be necessary for the prospective Sports Club in Italy to apply in writing to the local authorities – Questura = Local Police - to obtain the necessary authorisation to enable this Embassy to grant the sports visa. Simultaneously this request will be notified to the relevant Italian Sporting Federation and to the applicant.

The Questura and the Italian Sporting Federation will then notify CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) of the request. Provided CONI and the Questura both agree to said visa being granted, CONI will then notify this Embassy accordingly and the Embassy may then proceed to process the visa.

Once the CONI notificaton has been submitted to the Italian Embassy, the visa can be requested submitting the Basic requirements for a National Visa.